Your Role

What’s your role in the ESCRS sustainability journey?

“It takes a village to raise a child” – African Yoruba proverb

Sustainability only works if we are all involved and working together. It’s on each of us to find ways to take action in our own sphere of control, whilst using our influence, as small as it may be, to encourage, or demand, those with power to do something about it.


  • Our healthier, climate-friendlier approach to catering is based on our sustainability strategy.


    To achieve the goals we’ve set for the 2023 congress, we worked with our catering team, Gerstner, to whom sustainability is a staple. Gerstner takes its responsibility very seriously and is ISO14001-certified, meaning its operations hold to an international standard for environmental management.


    Gerstner is also MSC-certified – sourcing more sustainable fish.


    The 41st Congress of the ESCRS will aim to serve food that is:

    • more than 50% vegan/vegetarian
    • 70% locally-sourced (within less than 160km)


    Got a taste for sustainable food? We encourage you to extend this practice to the rest of your Vienna experience outside of the congress and at home.

Sustainable Exhibiting

  • From ordering sustainable catering to offsetting your emissions, your commitment will help us to create a congress that supports both people and the planet. To support you, we have produced a sustainable exhibiting guide and a consulting support package to help you bring your corporate and personal sustainability values to life.


  • We encourage you to dramatically reduce both travel time and carbon emissions on the City Airport (CAT) Train. It takes you, non-stop, from the airport to the Vienna city centre in just 16 minutes.  


    On board you can enjoy:

    • Personal assistance from CAT staff
    • Free, high-speed Wi-Fi
    • Complimentary electronic newspapers and magazines
    • Lots of luggage space
    • The latest news on flatscreens


    Buying CAT Train tickets online is easy to do here. They are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


    Top tip: add a City Ticket at the same time.

    A City Ticket gives you access to Vienna’s public transport for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Buying one at the same time as your CAT Train ticket means a seamless trip from the airport to Vienna, and hassle-free commuting on underground, suburban train, tram, and busses inside Vienna.

    If you’ll be returning to Vienna in the future, join CAT Bonusclub to earn points that unlock rewards.


    Remember: when heading home from Vienna, your CAT ticket gives you a fantastic travel advantage thanks to the City Check-in service, exclusively available in the European region.

    If you’re flying with a participating airline, you can check your luggage in at the city centre terminal before you board the CAT Train. This hands-free perk means you don’t have to think about your suitcases and so forth till you get to your next destination.

  • Did you know it’s really easy to get to Vienna by train? 

    When we say easy, we mean comfortable with a cleaner conscience. That’s because shared public transit emits much less carbon (that increases climate change) than private transit, and rail travel is much more environmentally responsible than flying. When you choose comfort on a train to Vienna, you also vote for ESCRS by helping us reach our goal of 25% delegates arriving by climate friendlier transport!


    So how does it work? There are lots of international and national train services offering trips to Vienna from other European centres. 


    Try Sparschiene

    Choosing  Sparschiene Österreich and Sparschiene Europa saves not only carbon tonnes, but euros. These affordable tickets can be booked to six months in advance.

    Top Tip: book early to avoid disappointment. Ticket numbers are limited.


    Take the Night train ÖBB Nightjet

    Save carbon, cash, and time by travelling at night. You can get some serious shut-eye on your way to Vienna with ÖBB Nightjet. It travels from Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich, Basel, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam and Brussels.

    Top Tip: For magnifique dreams, choose the Paris-direct option. 


    Traveling from Germany? Das ist DB!

    There are 19 direct, daily services to Austria with DB, or Deutsche Bahn. They include Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg, and more, plus many additional options with quick transfers.

    Top Tip: save more with regular Sparpreis offers and the BahnCard by day and by night.


    Travelling from Switzerland? You have choices!

    You can travel direct from Zurich to Vienna with Schweizerische Bundesbahnen or Railjet. There are multiple trips per day, as well as transfer options from Switzerland’s major town and cities.

    Top Tip: Cut travel costs with Generalabonnement (GA) or Halbtax, which offer discounts for the Austrian portion of the route.


    More European train services to Vienna


  • In Vienna, drinking water is so important, it’s protected by the constitution so that it can be enjoyed by all, now and in the future. It is piped directly from freshwater springs in the Styrian/Lower Austrian Alps in the Schneeberg, Rax, Schneealpe and Hochschwab regions.


    This pure, crystal-clear spring water is available throughout the city and, for your convenience and health, flows right into the complimentary water stations in the venue.


    On its way to you, powered only by gravity, this water flows through hydropower stations to generate 65 million kilowatt hours of clean, renewable power for residents and visitors there. 


    Enjoy Viennese water’s clear appearance, silvery sheen, velvety-smooth consistency and sweet flavour with the certainty that its origins and journey make it good for you and for the planet.


    If you attended ESCRS Congress Milan 2022, please support Mission Zero by bringing your reusable bottle along to enjoy this fresh, delicious water. You can also collect one at no cost at registration.