Suppliers and Partners

ESCRS Sustainability Suppliers and Partners

Managed by RX, one of the earliest signatories to the Net Zero Carbon Events project, the host to the ESCRS Congress 2023, Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Centre, checks many sustainability boxes.

The building, its partners and suppliers are certified with the third-party Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Green Events. 68% of its energy consumption comes from renewable sources. All taps provide safe drinking water; toilets in the centre use well water only. Its management company reports on its sustainability performance annually with RELX.

To ensure a gustation experience that gratifies the planet as much as it does the palate, ESCRS Congress Vienna 2023 is proud to have secured the services of leading fine dining caterer, Gerstner, which shares its enthusiasm for positive impacts through discerning events and is certified with the Austrian Ecolabel.

The Austrian Ecolabel is evidence of environmental consciousness and social responsibility. It respects planetary boundaries and protects participants and staff members. It indicates a company committed to excellence both now and in the future that our children will inhabit.

Together, ESCRS Congress Vienna 2023 and Gerstner developed delicious menus and customised meals to help achieve the event’s ambitious sustainability goals:

  • More than half of the food on offer is vegetarian or vegan, dramatically cutting the carbon emissions by cuisine as meat is responsible for around 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions that intensify climate change
  • No red meat is served, with the bulk of the meat on offer being white meat with a far lower carbon footprint than beef
  • 70% of the food was sourced locally, within a 160km radius or less, saving heartily on the event’s scopes 2 and 3 carbon emissions as suppliers travel shorter distances and refrigerate the food for less time than they would have if they were further afield
  • Additionally, 90% of single-use plastic like polystyrene and PVC is eliminated, dramatically reducing pressure on landfills and the event’s overall emissions