Local Transportation

Learn more about your travel options in and around Vienna.

City Airport (CAT) Train

We encourage you to dramatically reduce both travel time and carbon emissions on the City Airport (CAT) Train. It takes you, non-stop, from the airport to the Vienna city centre in just 16 minutes.  

On board you can enjoy:

  • Personal assistance from CAT staff
  • Free, high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary electronic newspapers and magazines
  • Lots of luggage space
  • The latest news on flatscreens

Buying CAT Train tickets online is easy to do here. They are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Top tip: add a City Ticket at the same time.

A City Ticket gives you access to Vienna’s public transport for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Buying one at the same time as your CAT Train ticket means a seamless trip from the airport to Vienna, and hassle-free commuting on underground, suburban train, tram, and busses inside Vienna.

If you’ll be returning to Vienna in the future, join CAT Bonusclub to earn points that unlock rewards.

Remember: when heading home from Vienna, your CAT ticket gives you a fantastic travel advantage thanks to the City Check-in service, exclusively available in the European region.

If you’re flying with a participating airline, you can check your luggage in at the city centre terminal before you board the CAT Train. This hands-free perk means you don’t have to think about your suitcases and so forth till you get to your next destination.